Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thawing out :)

March comes in like a lion...hoping it goes out in better shape than my Easter dinner lamb. We're down to one stubborn, filthy snow pile. March weather in upstate New York is about as predictable as the Democratic primary, could give us a bitch of a storm or just a smooth transition to spring. Either way both do a great job of raising Cain !

OK, that was awful, I'll try to do better. Back to spring.

Some moms I know dread the longer days, the kids refuse to come inside, bath and bedtime are delayed, sometimes for hours. I can't wait for the bone warming sunshine and late night basketball games ! We New Yorkers may be cursed with dirty snow, abundant gray skies and cold snaps galore, but we're blessed with the kind of perfect spring and summer heat that keeps the spirit up and the bugs down. Really, c'mon, spring in New York, 'nuff said. Best medicine after a long sickly winter !

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