Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Brother

Only not the govt Big Brother :X

Alex signed onto our credit card accounts yesterday. He never does, has no interest. Anyhoo, he had some trouble so called me, I signed on and then he got on and was immediately booted out. Fine. I sign off, he goes in does what he needs to do and life goes on, yes? Well, um, no. Despite us having absolutely no email or IM exchange regarding this mundane difficulty I get an email from the company this AM:

"attempts been made to log into your account from an unknown IP address, etc..please update your info. within 24 hours or your account will be closed" (in my perfect world they'd close it and we'd never get a bill again)

So I sign onto site to check and all looks good. Forward email to Alex with "I don't trust anyone anymore" and told him to deal with it. It's a freaking fraud ! So not only do these people just make fake cards, yep, someone made a fake card from our info. last month,but they actually somehow "know" when you're having difficulty signing into an account and/or access the account from a new IP address???????????????????????? inside jobs right??? Customer service people seeing unusual activity and then selling or using the info to scam is all I can think. Anyhoo these people are getting pretty freaking sophisticated, beware.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I haven't felt like sewing lately, I was going to start an adventure in collage art but I had to share with Ky :sigh: :) Although I have to say julie king art is frequently checked for new work and just a wonderful source for inspiration, I just don't see me telling my little girl "no, you can't touch this one" just yet. She was just enthralled with King's "Sing" work and is now our resident collage artist. Thank you! So back to taking photos, thank goodness for my camera, there's not a lot of challenge when you're blessed with beautiful weather and a happy child though :)

Dianne CA Girl in 10-OC titled this a modern day Little Red Riding Hood :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day :)

Thanks hon !

They'll do what they can to make it memorable.

And of course my dad doing, well,what daddies do best ! Miss you and Alex's dad always.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mean Girls

Ky had her first run in with mean girls at the playground today. Well her first blatantly obvious, mom approved, mean girls run in. We arrive at the same time as, for obvious reasons we'll call them Jeff and Jeffjr., one set of the mean girls.

Jeff immediately announces loudly to Jeffjr. that they ARE meeting Muttjr. so proceed to treat the little girl staring hungrily, MY little girl, like utter crap. Which she immediately does. Before long Mutt and Muttjr. make their much heralded arrival with Jeffjr. knocking over Ky while screaming MUTTJR., MUTTJR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff begans talking nonstop at the general direction of Mutt and that's that until Jeff needs to fill her ample bosom with air. Could be a while.

Now I just want to take a moment to say there is no coinkydink the main Mean Girl in the movie is named Regina. We can be mean,you name your kid Regina and you're in for some serious sarcastic shit to spew out of that kid's mouth. Think Little Foxes. But my daughter is Kylie, a freaking Australian boomerang, you can't shake the kid, a veritable bona fide mean girl target.

Anyhoo, Jeffjr. and Muttjr. proceed to immediatly inform Ky she is NOT to play with them. Ky doesn't get it. They inform her she's small and NOT a pirate princess, now she really doesn't get it.

Need I say more? Then they tell her she can't play on their "boat", FINALLY something human must've stirred in Jeff because she yells "everyone shares or you go home". Thanks Jeff, you're a great mom. Mutt's still silent, maybe she's deaf and mute?? Jeff really hasn't stopped talking yet. Eventually Muttjr. HITS Ky's foot. I yell NO HITTING. So Mutt perks up, and calls Muttjr. to the corner for some boxing tips. Needless to say Ky wants to play with them more than ever. I mention to the "mothers" Ky is only four and doesn't understand. Mutt immediately points out their own little angels are four too ! Will wonders never cease, the little geniuses learned bitch language before their ABC's ! I point out this is my daughter's first experience with exclusion but I bet she's learning a lot today ! Mutt and Jeff are not amused. After more torture they finally leave. Ky proceeds to do her usual "where do they live? are they coming to my house? will they come back?" to which mom replies "Who cares ! They're GONE, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and good riddance!". Ky doesn't get it. She just shakes her head and says "I'm not mean". Gotta love this kid.