Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easy Rider

I'm happy to report Ky is now riding a bike just fine :) Well with training wheels just fine. I'd post a pic but can't find her helmet. I told her ped she wears one all the time and denial is really tough when looking through a lens. Now we're working on her getting the bike unstuck from the lawn without hopelessly shoving at her pedals and screaming MOM. I'm also happy to report she had a much easier time with her jeep.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Walmart of course...

Why I was total white trash mommy at Walmart. Two Christmases ago a friend put Ky's bike together. For like a year I'd yell at her JUST PUSH THE PEDALS, IT ISN'T HARD, OMG WHY CAN'T YOU PUSH THE PEDALS !!!!!!!!! Then realized said friend screwed up and the pedals were practically stuck :X Of course by then Ky is completely freaked by bikes. Went to playmates and she's flying on playmate's bike after I push her a bit. She couldn't handle it and fell over, which happens all the time to her because she has my coordination. So I figure I'll get her a bike for Easter next week. We're in Walmart "playing around" with them and she fell over on a 16" immediately upon sitting. She decides "BIG BIKES ARE NOT FOR BIG GIRLS" and wants the tiny one. It's only 30 BUCKS ! So I grab it after she proves she can work the pedals. Get through the store 200 bucks later and she can't ride THE JUST PAID FOR bike !!!!!!!!!!! So I'm afraid it's another dud. Finally she manages to get to the exits. We're leaving and I'm all "C'mon Ky, I've never seen a kid have some much trouble with TRAINING WHEELS" realizing the people must be thinking holy shit, the kid's first bike and what a freaking bitch :X So I'm all sheepish "it's her second bike, excellent Ky, you're doing great, WOW, we're really moving now ".

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Guess the manuever...

Stop... listen... approach with caution...advance slowly...stop...listen some more...HEADS UP... ok, false alarm... getting braver and.......

Soldiers advancing in enemy territory? Deer hunting or deer being hunted? Bird watching?

Nope. I bet all the parents of light sleeping toddlers out there got it though. Really, my little girl asking for a baby sister is the ultimate in irony.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Letting go...

I started sewing a few months ago and it's a great hobby ! Fabric picking is still my favorite part. Probably because my finished products still leave me in doubt of any genuine talent. My four year old loves the whole shebang :), the process, she sits under the table and pushes the foot pedal, the planning, and is delighted with the finished products ! Most of the time anyway, which is enough to keep me sewing. We've been so content in our little world of fabric and fashion shows, Vera Wang had nothing on us. No more, sitting in hubby's car are two batik beach skirts meant to be dropped at my mother in law's for, get this, someone besides my daughter. Now I've already sent finished pieces for my accomplished seamstress MIL's inspection and basked in her approval, but they always came right back home. This is different, these are for my nieces, one of which is seven and quite the fashionista. Project Runway judges have nothing on a hip seven year old. I'm an optimist. I mean, hey, I easily see redemption in Arthur Miller plays. In my world she and her sister are already proud beach belles in their new skirts. Maybe I'll visit the garage and check them over one more time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Currently reading....

Well not what I want to be reading,which is The Other Boleyn Girl. I am currently reading Longitudes and Attitudes by Thomas Friedman. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, he's an op/ed guy for the New York Times. I'm a more Maureen Dowd type gal myself and of course my personal favorite, the late Mike Royko. Why am I reading what I find to be a rather self aggrandizing, albeit by all means deserving, macho kind of opinionist? Well, because he's the reason for a very aggravating hitch in my otherwise picture perfect :cough here: but you get the idea, marriage. My husband was for the Iraq war. Needless to say, I wasn't. We used to discuss this and still I wait for him to come back to the light side. Lately though his pat answer has been, "read Longitudes and Attitudes". So I am hon, I'm up to page 280, know more about Oslo and Arafat than I could possibly care to know but, nope, still totally against this war. I really hope you appreciate my effort.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Girl

I bought nail polish remover today. This in itself is nothing of course except I haven't bought nail polish remover in probably 15 years. I don't wear nail polish. My four year old however had her nails painted for the first time at a glamour party. So she is definitely into nail polish and makeup :X Which leads to my husband giving her makeup tips. Which leads me to believe I'm in some new alternate Bizarro family. But that's OK, because my baby is four ! She's officially the big girl she's insisted she's been for months now. I'm just hoping she slows down a bit so mommy can catch her breath and maybe find some time for a long overdue manicure.