Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Technical explanation

I've been trying to get the kind of clarity I see in online photos in my own pics. Finally I decided to see how MY pics might look on the web. Seems things just look clearer online ! I'm sure there's some technical mumbo jumbo explanation for this. I'm still not where I'd like to be but will have to let you know if it's equipment and/or photographer limitations. I'm really hoping just the latter and I don't have to spring for a better camera.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Parties and Prayers

We attended a nice Memorial Day wreath laying yesterday. We try to make one every year, both Alex and I have dads that survived combat in WWII, one in Greece and the other in the Philippines, so we owe those that died so ours can come home a deep gratitude for our existence. We also have a nephew who's ending a year tour in Iraq so this anti-Iraq war blogger is fiercely pro military. Prayers for all our soldiers, those fallen and those still guarding our most precious freedoms.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've always had this thing about judging other parents. Yell at your kid? Well at least you're communicating. Spank? Well, better you than some prison cell mate someday. What WOULD get to me would be cold indifference to a kid. Maybe because I once read shrinks thought it caused schizophrenia. But I think because indifference is the true opposite of love. Hate isn't the opposite, def not hate, because there are times I can totally relate to hate around here. So when I find myself lately regarding my adorable 4 year old with indifference I get downright scared, guilty and thinking HTH do I explain this in family therapy one day. But it's not indifference because I don't absolutely love her. I truly do with all my heart, soul, wallet, freedom, material posessions and pets. And if it really were cold indifference I wouldn't feel so dang bad about it, right? So Ky, go to sleep easy for once, let me and your dad have five minutes alone, entertain yourself for maybe 1/2 an hour tomorrow and I promise to yell, spank, threaten, and actively love you without a sign of that defeated look you've been seeing so much of lately !

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

China's heartache and hope

Jiang Xiaojuan,a policewoman in China nursing a baby orphaned by the earthquake. She left her own six month old with her parents to nurse eight infants. Three whose mothers couldn't feed them due to trauma from the earthquakes, and five left orphaned. The orphanages didn't have powdered milk to feed the babies.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Guilty Pleasure confessions !

OK, Juli of Three Minutes and a Rainbow listed her "guilty pleasures" which of course led to me wondering WTH she feels guilty about, but that would be another post.

Mine are (keeping it clean for the kiddies)

Celebrity baby blogs :X I know they're despicable, at least some are, aren't the children of the famous safest under wraps? But I can't just get enough of how the other miniscule fraction of society live.

Bold and the Beautiful - Juli's sister Lara took this one already but Nick is so nice I have to say it twice.

Jon Stewart- :panting: he's so funny he makes Colbert funny !

Obama- OK, I'm not convinced either, but he's like a less scary, hairy, Shaft.

Email loops - 'nuff said.

As pathetic as this sounds, that's about it as long as my 4 year old is whining at me for a prepizza ice cream sandwich.