Monday, May 19, 2008

Guilty Pleasure confessions !

OK, Juli of Three Minutes and a Rainbow listed her "guilty pleasures" which of course led to me wondering WTH she feels guilty about, but that would be another post.

Mine are (keeping it clean for the kiddies)

Celebrity baby blogs :X I know they're despicable, at least some are, aren't the children of the famous safest under wraps? But I can't just get enough of how the other miniscule fraction of society live.

Bold and the Beautiful - Juli's sister Lara took this one already but Nick is so nice I have to say it twice.

Jon Stewart- :panting: he's so funny he makes Colbert funny !

Obama- OK, I'm not convinced either, but he's like a less scary, hairy, Shaft.

Email loops - 'nuff said.

As pathetic as this sounds, that's about it as long as my 4 year old is whining at me for a prepizza ice cream sandwich.


Lara said...

LOL! I thought you were joking about Donna, but I just got caught up. You think Nick is nice?!? I think he's a schmuck who can't make his mind up about who (among Brooke & her family) he wants to screw.

Regi S. said...

If he's good enough for Heather Locklear he's good enough for me ! Dangit ! Well if I had a tattooed ex-rocker hubby.
What?? You think the son of an Italian socialite/sailor ho should be well adjusted??
OMG I love that show, I could watch it after a 5 month absence and still know what's going in 3 minutes flat !