Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new day and it's OK to pray now...

Today I woke up to the same messy home, the same dog banging against the back of my knees, the same daily errands ahead with no surprises, I figured of course it's too soon for the promised "change".

But then I thought about it, I remembered how I'd feel when the words democrat and liberal were invoked with scorn by our President and Vice President. I remembered the last eight years and telling my son it's OK to be "liberal elite" and earn money but still care about the poor,and it's OK to talk pretty and develop a decent vocabulary. It's OK to be articulate and well educated, even an intellectual if you choose and what they're saying among the RNC set is just wrong. And for eight years I've defended the best of conservative and liberal values by example and modeling our own chosen conservative lifestyle. Which in the conundrum that is life is really liberal since liberals embrace all healthy lifestyles.

Now I have another toddler entering her next phase of childhood. Just like her brother pulled the lever for Gore eight years ago, this little one pulled the lever for Obama. Unlike her brother she won. And within seconds I realized nothing feels different but everything has changed. The White House will reflect our values, our President will be held as an example of what can be accomplished with a healthy mind and caring family, even if the money isn't always there. And as those successes are accomplished to remember the less fortunate, and even less deserving but in need, as it's our moral responsibility to provide those basic needs and encouragement.

A few posts ago I stated I don't pray for politicians to win. Nothing less godly or christian in my book. To be fair though I have wavered and taken the more corporeal road on that one lately. I do however fervently and openly pray those politicians elected by the people stick to their promised paths and waver only in the best interest of their countrymen, not just themselves. I pray for them to be safe and may God keep them and theirs from those that would wish them harm. And that's not so bad since it's my general prayer for all people. Be the people your dogs and small children think you are :)

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