Friday, February 27, 2009

Random thoughts for February...

a day early but what the heck.

It's interesting that the same people who denigrate other races so their kids won't marry them, now denigrate homosexuals so their kids will. That's right folks, force them into hiding so your little princess can marry a queen.

Name some of the most conservative and liberal countries. Iran and France come to mind. I'd choose to live in France.

Why do we tolerate the kind of harassment and abuse from small children that would make us imprison or abandon an adult?

Winter is cold. Summer is hot. Seriously, why make it harder by complaining about the temperature every five minutes. Were you taken by surprise?

I recently read two articles in the same paper. One complained we don't spend enough, one complained we don't save enough.

Why should members of my family keep fighting in wars when most of the citizens in this country don't even want to sacrifice their money to pay taxes?

I'll try to do something warm and wittier next month, the economy is making me crabby.

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