Monday, March 9, 2009

Not quite ready for springtime....

what a great weekend we just had here in New York. A nice respite from a very cold, snowy February. I have to say winter should've been much rougher this year than usual. We cancelled our plow service, but found shoveling not the problem we'd thought. Our snazzy new shovel helped. Highly recommend one.

We had more snow than we'd had in years but also had many more days with these visitors. I swear one more month of snow and the turkey and deer will be eating out of our hands.

and usually being cooped up with my little girl all winter is not the stuff of dreams, but this year she was quite the independent snow princess. Notice the open collar? She completely dressed herself ( gloves too!) and ventured out while I was shoveling.

Speaking of shoveling.

We're thinking by next year we can rent her shoveling services to the neighbors.


sofia said...

mike would like info on that cool shovel. sofia. ps. i love your visitors

julie king said...

oh my you have deer as PETS!! i hope they aren't eating your shrubs. i hope spring arrives in your neck of the woods soon!