Saturday, March 14, 2009

Equal opportunity slaughter....

.....yes, I said these words to the nice kid at the Walmart electronics register. You know the department, it's rarely busy, yet heaven help you find someone with the damn key to the video games. Anyway how a grown woman even broaches such a topic with a minor is just a sign of the times. It was the my son's usual M.O.. Get mom to drive him to the store for a video game, wait until in the store to mention , oh yea it's "mature", will you buy it for me? Rather than immediately leave and return after reading the specifics and some reviews I've limited myself to letting the staff fill me in on the deets. So there I was with the usual "have you played, why is it mature?" etc.. And the possible deal breaker "is it as bad as Grand Theft Auto?". "No m'am, just blow 'em up war games". And, de dum, out spilled "So no degradation or violence targeted at women or a specific group then? Just good 'ole equal opportunity slaughter?" I'm not proud of it. Call CPS, judge me, pat yourself on your back because your kids not only don't play video games but certainly not "those" games, whatever, but at least my kid views all his gamer friends as equally ripe to blow up regardless of age, sex, race or intellect. There's got to be some shred of social consciousness in that.

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