Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I haven't felt like sewing lately, I was going to start an adventure in collage art but I had to share with Ky :sigh: :) Although I have to say julie king art is frequently checked for new work and just a wonderful source for inspiration, I just don't see me telling my little girl "no, you can't touch this one" just yet. She was just enthralled with King's "Sing" work and is now our resident collage artist. Thank you! So back to taking photos, thank goodness for my camera, there's not a lot of challenge when you're blessed with beautiful weather and a happy child though :)

Dianne CA Girl in 10-OC titled this a modern day Little Red Riding Hood :)


Juli said...

I just love that! Ky is having so much fun! I'm going to grab supplies to take to the beach so the girls can do some there, I think! I LOOOOOVE that close-up picture of her. She's so stinking pretty, Regi :)

Lara said...

OMG, she is SO precious! I love the "Beware of Dog" picture.

Thanks for the comment. I'm doing pretty good, I think. We'll see . . .