Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Brother

Only not the govt Big Brother :X

Alex signed onto our credit card accounts yesterday. He never does, has no interest. Anyhoo, he had some trouble so called me, I signed on and then he got on and was immediately booted out. Fine. I sign off, he goes in does what he needs to do and life goes on, yes? Well, um, no. Despite us having absolutely no email or IM exchange regarding this mundane difficulty I get an email from the company this AM:

"attempts been made to log into your account from an unknown IP address, etc..please update your info. within 24 hours or your account will be closed" (in my perfect world they'd close it and we'd never get a bill again)

So I sign onto site to check and all looks good. Forward email to Alex with "I don't trust anyone anymore" and told him to deal with it. It's a freaking fraud ! So not only do these people just make fake cards, yep, someone made a fake card from our info. last month,but they actually somehow "know" when you're having difficulty signing into an account and/or access the account from a new IP address???????????????????????? inside jobs right??? Customer service people seeing unusual activity and then selling or using the info to scam is all I can think. Anyhoo these people are getting pretty freaking sophisticated, beware.

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