Sunday, July 20, 2008

Uber weirdness or The Glass Isn't Remotely Empty

Three Minutes and a Rainbow posted some of her weirder traits, which by most standards really just consist of good hygiene. Well when she manages to wash her hair anyway. But I don't judge, my hair takes 3 minutes flat to wash AND dry, Juli's must take 3 days.
Anyhoo beat this , my glass must always be full. Until last year when I decided ice maybe really was making my chronic cough worse, my glass had to be completely full AND loaded with ice. Yep, the ice would melt when I went to bed and make a mess. I didn't care it had to be there. And in the days I'd leave it on our bookcase headboard (which I had to sand and refinish twice because of ice melt) the cat would knock the full, heavy glass right on my head. Now it's all about room temp. water because of the cough, which my family actually loves because they easily find me in stores. When my daughter was a newborn coughing instantly soothed her. Anyway, if I take so much as one sip I refill my glass. This particular quirk literally drove my husband nuts. "Honey? are you getting up, would you grab some more water", would earn me a look of utter pity, contempt and annoyance that I was actually asking the poor man to add an inch of water to my glass.
Next up, tea. I hate a small cup, I drink tea out of cups that could be a Disney World ride. Tea cannot be refilled easily people ! Really coffee drinkers, would it kill you to have a decent size cup in your cabinet? So between the constantly filled water cup always by my side and the triple D tea cups I pee. A lot. Like I can turn a 2 hour movie into a weekend mini series. Let's not even talk about when I'm pregnant, I look forward to the notorious newborn "sleep" schedule. A baby up every hour or two for a feeding is nothing compared to 1 AM pee, 1:10 PM pee some more. 1:20 PM , maybe just in case. 1:30 PM, shoot my water glass is low.


Juli said...

ROFLMAO!!! I take fresh water to bed every night. Drives David CRAZY! I, at this very moment, have 7 water bottles on my nightstand and three on his :X They're all half-full, too, just to give you nightmares ;)

binx520 said...

Regi you crack me up! Thanks for this morning's laugh! And I have one 1/2 filled day old cup of water on my side of the bed as I type. LOL

Regi S. said...

I have the water bottle collection nowadays on my night stand too :) I use a plastic tumbler during the day, with fish on it, so I can't see how much water is in the cup. I'm healed !

Lara said...

Okay, the water one is kind of weird. But I'm with you on the small cups. I drink coffee in the summer on weekend mornings (no coffee on workdays; makes my hands shake), and I drink a TON of hot tea in the winter. And I love a big fat mug. My new favorites (and collectibles from my vacations) is the Starbucks mugs with the city info on them. I have Nashville, Vegas and Chicago. After this weekend, I'll Portland and Boston. :)

Regi S. said...

~Starbucks mugs with the city info on them. I have Nashville, Vegas and Chicago. After this weekend, I'll Portland and Boston. :)


SuperMom said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I, too, hope she's picky!