Monday, December 1, 2008

Random thoughts for...

the first day of December. I forgot to cap off November.

Obama won !!! Still can't believe it, but it's a nice thing to try to wrap my head around for a change.

Unlike the Walmart nightmare where a wild eyed mob, hopped up on the thought of spending their pennies on junk, killed a man.

After 2 years of incessant complaints and concern about Obama's lack of experience and judgement, he's surrounding himself with experienced staff. Now there are complaints and concerns that his staff are too experienced.

We got away with some great weather this season, that's over.

Hillary's back ! Maybe she should consider sending Bill off to the Iditarod for a while.

And the best thing about November after the election and a great Thanksgiving?
CHOCOLATE NEWS !! YouTube - Chocolate News Barack Obamas Wardrobe
Who said Obama was the death of late night political comedy?!

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ObamaramaLog said...

I know--but the Republicans have to have something to complain about--too experienced a cabinet, too presidential before he's the president, not doing enough yet (before he's even president), I even heard one complaint from Rush Limbaugh that he wasn't "change" enough. Give me a break!