Monday, December 8, 2008

Smoke and mirrors...

and sleight of hand. The entire nation watches as the media and congress focus in on industry. Meanwhile out the treasury trap door drops hundreds of billions of taxes and new money into the waiting hands of greedy bankers, CEO's and other executives. Maybe it's time for the citizens to crush them instead and let an economy that truly encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit to take hold. Boycott people. Everyone. Boycott them all. We can all ride out the winter on some sun soaked island with low living expenses and come back in the spring to rebuild. Seriously, aren't we all sick and tired of the Ponzi scheme we call the stock market and our best and brightest not standing a chance at patent rights? Much less a small business being driven out by the big guy who drops prices to nothing then takes a nice tax break on the loss. Maybe someday when we're all working for peanuts, beholden to the company store, and the only opportunities for our children are as cannon fodder we'll stop shopping.
Recommended reading: The Jungle-Upton Sinclair
The Grapes of Wrath-John Steinbeck
You'll need the information to navigate the new economy.


julie king said...

as you know from reading my blog i am a very optimistic person. but, like you, i am having thoughts of how we will all survive when our economy completely crashes. i've known for a long time that we as a country could not continue on the path we were on. now i'm telling my kids to plan to put out a big garden this summer and start living very simply now.

thanks for your words on my blog! i do try to spread a word of cheer -- well, on most days!

Regi S. said...

You do a fine job :) It's a great blog ! Unlike this one which is more id than ego.