Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Feminist Lesbian...

even Pat Buchanan could love. She's cool, witty, pretty, unpretentious Rachel Maddow. Cool as in telling Pat (gays have no place in his America) Buchanan she went with the Clintons because they offered an America that wants her in it. Witty in that she did it in her succinct way that left Buchanan speechless. Pretty as a picture of an attractive woman minus big hair and overdone makeup. Thank heavens, for a while there she was going the bright blush/over plucked brow route but seems to have found a style that works. Unpretentious as in she's so obviously, charmingly still finding her way around her new status as gay media darling. Is Rachel Maddow the contemporary face of tomboy lesbians with fierce, liberal, feminist agendas? If she is it's without any of the post feminist movement's residual rancor, outrage, sense of entitlement and smug superiority towards women in more conventional roles, republicans and religious folk. Maybe someone could ask Mr. Buchanan how she could possibly harm America.

Photo credit: Lauren Victoria Burke

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Joseph said...

I love Rachel Maddow!