Saturday, August 30, 2008

Romney after all?

I have to say after reading about Palin nonstop for 24 hours or so it seems unlikely she'll last until her formal nomination. Maybe the Dems should just shut up and let it go for now or they'll be back to risking Romney in the VP slot. Personally even I could feasibly vote for McCain if he'd gone with Hutchison. The most outrageous moment in the last day? Palin's alleged lie regarding the "bridge to nowhere" during her introductory speech. Seems not only was she for it before she was against it, but only rejected it because the federal government wasn't offering Alaska enough money. Hardly the stuff "thanks, but no thanks" insinuated. And Alaska kept the tax payer's money, Palin just didn't use it for the bridge. Next outrage, these godawful rumors about the true mother of her newborn son. Even if such a thing were true the utter lack of proof should've been enough to squash it. The fourth is a tie. She's not sure what a VP does all day and doesn't follow the Iraq war. She better have a learning curve right out of The Matrix. Opinions may clash regarding the experience of Obama and Palin (she ran a town smaller than most school districts and left it financially crushed, allegedly) but one thing Obama is not is uninformed. He also earned his nomination from a hard fought election. When it's said and done I hope to eat my words and gleefully watch Ms. Palin accept the nomination of vice president of the United States. I'm considering going back to state university, entering a beauty pageant and running the PTA, it might be nice to run the USA in 10 years or so.
This guy/gal says it all.

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