Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin for PTA,er, President?

She seems nice enough and has the requisite gorgeous family, but VP? I'm not sure how she made governor of Alaska,much less possible President. I'm sure all of us, including Kay Hutchison Bailey who claims to know little about her, will be well informed over the next few days. It's sweet she's anti-gay rights but has 'gay friends'. I always wonder who these gay buddies are when people say this stuff. Does anyone else know they're gay but their anti-gay BFF? If McCain the Maverick really wanted to blow us away, he should've gone with a homosexual. Nope, not naming names.
Does anyone else think of Hillary (among many other more experienced Washington women) as the loyal wife, putting the husband (Washington) through school, raising the children, growing old, weary and wise then getting tossed out by hubby for the hot, young, new office executive?


CA Girl in 10-OC said...

She better change her hair and glasses if she wants me to vote for her. I mean, come on! Is that really a VP candidate look???

Regi S. said...

C'mon admit it, you're all just funnin' with us Democrats, right? Sillies.