Friday, October 3, 2008

Mixed Blessings

I have a diverse group of friends and family. Just like Palin, only I don't want to crush the rights out of them. Since I get emails from both sides of the aisle, OBAMA'S THE ANTICHRIST, PALIN'S AFFAIR, I usually don't respond since I think that stuff is stupid. That's right, I may not like her but if she got jiggy with the family friend it's her business. But the mortgage crisis is ugly, damn ugly and hurts every single one of us. So after weeks of information and misinformation here's my humble little take on it.

The 90's were all about community reinvestment, this is why you can walk around in NYC again and admire well kept neighborhoods, gentrification was just forcing all the poor people into the street. Interest rates were 11-14% when Clinton took office. NO ONE could afford that. So true, privatized FNMA and Freddie Mac were encouraged to take on subprime credit, and they did back a bunch of crappy loans knowing full well the loans were being sold like whores, over and over again. It got crazy and when more honest representatives and the states cried foul (look up Georgia Fair Lending Act), enough, BUSH made sure he blocked any attempt to rein it in so he could crow about his "ownership society". Under Clinton rates dropped to something normal, communities were revitalized and we all prospered, the Republicans get plenty credit and blame for the policies that got us there too. When Bush took office, checks and balances went right out the door and the greed took over. Look up "derivatives" not that it matters if you do because no one can f***ing understand them.

I was fine with McCain, just thrilled Bush was outta there. I didn't vote in the primaries, I wasn't thrilled with the blood letting that would ensue with either Obama or Clinton and my kid had a fever so it was easy to stay home that day. So I'm not some die hard Democrat who touts party lines. But then Bush, I mean McCain (oopsie), picked Palin. Drill baby drill, super secret media hating, Russian like propagandist, political iron curtain promoting Palin. She's Cheney without the Satan worship. I really hope there comes a day when Palin is in a primary election. She's a great politician, that's it. There's nothing else there people. Just like Bush. So no matter how you slice it McCain is nothing but a Bush lover (get your head out of the gutter). The odds favor McCain becoming at the least incapacitated during his presidency, the thought of Palin and Pelosi running things is the stuff of nightmares.

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