Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Obama?

Politician worship, in my book, is the ultimate blasphemy. Bush using the religious right to further his own agenda, and vice versa, was probably the most galling result of his administration. Obama's campaign has also been tainted by the perversion of obviously religious, holier than thou, support unable to transcend politics to preach the bigger picture. No one needs to see small children chanting Bush, Obama or Hannah Montana for that matter. So I say this knowing full well I'm on a slippery slope with this post. When Bush was elected I initially took the position I'd have to have faith that so many decent people I knew had faith in his agendas. I do admire and support Obama for his intellect and determination, but refuse to consider some Godly support or approval from the heavens. As my mother always insisted, we do not presume to know God or God's business, that simple. But when I see something like this video YouTube - Israelis For Obama inspired by a politician, a POLITICIAN !, I can't help but again have faith that so many decent people have faith in his agendas. Admittedly it's much easier this time.

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