Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old Generals Never Die...

they endorse Obama. It looked for a while like Colin Powell was going to "just fade away" into obscurity and philanthropy, but nope, he's come back into the public forefront with a sound, ringing endorsement of Barak Obama. Would that we see more of these shifts between parties in the future. I could live with a future United States for my children with two strong, healthy, intelligent, dueling parties. Maybe three or four ! During the Clinton administration I once had a rather sharp exchange with another student regarding Powell. His argument was that there are people in government above reproach, unlike Clinton. I presented the side of human frailty and the ridiculousness of expecting perfect integrity from anyone, especially politicians.My argument fell apart when he threw in the lofty name, Colin Powell. He challenged me to tell him who doesn't like Powell. Well, needless to say, my brain fogged up, my tongue slipped around in there and came out with, I swear this is humiliating but true, "I don't know, I'm sure there's something, maybe he insulted someone's mother." I know, right, wish I had a camera for the professor's face, he'd been enjoying himself until that point. I was a fan, a huge fan. Until pre-Iraq war, until a UN speech that made me say maybe we should go into Iraq. Maybe leveling Baghdad is the right thing to do. But it wasn't of course and Powell's incredible integrity took a huge hit. One truly hopes Colin Powell is dead on target this time and Obama will lead us into our global future radiating intellect and innovation.

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