Friday, September 5, 2008

Fahrenheit 451

Palin got her ignorant ass kicked by a librarian !

Ok, I was sure this one HAD to be false, but looks like this rumor is proving too tenacious to be false. She wanted to BAN BOOKS and fire the LIBRARIAN who refused to do it. Yea, vote for her, whatever. But she's crossed the line on this blog and I'm going to finally let go and say what I've wanted to say to Miss Cleavage since the first time I laid eyes on her. What a cheap attempt to tease with that skin colored undergarment she wore at the convention . Yes guys, she had on one of those weird scraps of material ice skaters, showgirls and strippers love to wear, you didn't really see her Aunt Bea bosom, just her Aunt Bea hairdo. Palin is the 50 student high school valedictorian who makes it to state university to find out she's a dime a dozen. Only McCain elevated her to dean. Nice, country first right! Also nice to see with all the infinite power Republicans have at their disposal they'll gladly use it to stick a Barbie figurehead into the White House.

Sarah Palin, if you have to move to sunny D.C. from frigid Alaska aren't you afraid all your plastic parts will melt? I'd stand far away from the fire at your book burning parties if I were you.

OOOOOOOOH, it feels good to take the low road.


sofia said...

regi, you naughty girl you. i always knew you liked the low road. :)

Regi S. said...

She BANS BOOKS ! She tried to use her sleaze tactics on a librarian and that librarian KICKED HER ASS ! you know I like libraries :)I'm starting to hope this country does get four more years of their garbage, let them have all the freaking money they want, I'm going to become a community organizer and live with my books :) OH, am I ranting again? Crazy liberal @@

Anonymous said...! Now you know I agree with you SOME of the time, but you really went off on her!lol

Regi S. said...

SOME of the time??!! No wonder you had to post anonymously !
Don't worry about Palin,I think she can drool with a blank stare, say community organizer with derision over and over, and the Republicans will still get in.