Friday, September 26, 2008

Suspending my campaign,er, blog

It's been so easy to ignore this blog lately with all this news going on ! Collapsing economy, Palin answered a question, McCain parachutes in and rescues the economy while Obama does his best to not outright mock a war hero, Grey's Anatomy season premiere ! Really need I go on? I really don't want to turn this little piece of my world into some political rant so it's just easier to back off for a bit and watch my country get turned on it's head.
I will say everyday I'm in my (my being subjective of course, face it this house belongs to the bank and the whims of the economy) home with my two (80% of the time) darling children and my go to guy for everything wonderful life has to offer, I exhale a soothing breath (well thanks to allergies, any breath is a good thing lately) of gratitude that I really would still be perfectly happy if the US collapsed and we had to fight off brain sucking zombies together, as long as I'm in it with my little clan.

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