Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random thoughts for September...

Try explaining autumn to a four year old when fall makes so much more sense.

Thank GOD for school.

Maybe a recession is just what we need to shake up this over fed, over pampered, apathetic country. Seriously, 700 billion so people can buy mcmansions and beemers and then face financial ruin if they need cancer treatments?

When I see young people cheering for Palin as she's pushing for more coal miner jobs I want to cry.

Obama needs to stop being so damn nice, he comes off as weak. I hope this is some Ali like rope a dope strategy.

Every year the irony of dozens of happy families apple picking compared to the grueling labor of migrant farm work never fails to get me.

We'll be getting our first oil delivery soon and I can't help but think about all the fun stuff that 2K could buy us. Such is the privilege of not freezing to death I guess.

October is the last month I get to be 40, I'll be officially on the road to 50 soon and highly ambivalent about this whole aging thing. It looks like I started out the first 25 years of my life clueless and will wind up spending the last 25 equally confused. I hope I won't have to spend any of it in diapers again though.


CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Hey the road to 50 isn't so bad! I'm almost there!!!

Regi S. said...

Let's grow old together, you go first.