Monday, September 1, 2008

Head Spinning

OK, I'm lost. I've seen a nomination for VP right out of a Northern Exposure storyline. Kooky ex-beauty queen uses considerable manipulative/opportunistic skills to manuever into governorship. OK, great. Gets picked for VP by McCain based on one meeting, unvetted, tells a blatant outrageous lie in her first speech as VP nominee, and is wholeheartedly embraced by the conservative base. Let's not even get into the who's who and pregnant plot. Really people, what has to happen for any of you say, um, did something die under the porch? Meanwhile they're still in full attack mode regarding Obama's inexperience because he was too busy earning his law degree, practicing and teaching congressional law, working as a community organizer in CHICAGO, where the community actually surpasses the quadruple digits, to instead find some sweet little town in Illinois and spend his days fielding cow trespassing complaints at town hall. Sorry, no brainer there regarding intellect and experience. What Obama has is called the whole package , educated with enough life experience to make Palin look like the girl in the plastic bubble. Until a conservative can post a reasonable blog proving Palin's expertise in foreign policy, public education, health and security, and a little ole' paper called the Constitution, I'm just going to continue to enjoy this little political parody and pray our country really hasn't fallen this far. And seriously folks, if those bloggers who shamelessly and gleefully promoted the pregnancy switch rumors regarding the Palins are wrong then it looks like Palin binded her pregnant belly to hide it. Who takes that risk in this day and age? And why?
The biggest problem with Republicans nowadays is while they still wield immense power, it's mostly all about money and religion now. Logic, intellect, and substance have gone underground and for the better of our country it's time those who still possess those skills speak up or we'll all end up like Bristol Palin, dragged along as innocent, vulnerable pawns in the wake of of a few VIP's voracious appetite for greed, power and celebrity. This country doesn't need Palin, her daughter needs her.


sofia said...

you should be published. all people should hear you. you should write in to editorials in major magazines and newspapers. you make solid points. GO REGI!, GO REGI!

Regi S. said...

:D See what a good best buddy you are :) What do you think? Maybe the plot is to make sure a woman is never again nominated for President OR VP? I still think they're using Palen just so the can say they tried to choose a woman and look what happens @@.