Thursday, September 4, 2008

It ain't over until McCain has sung !

Well at least ended his speech on a high note. I have to say I liked it, and I liked that this man who'd been through so much had his moment tonight. He deserved it, he deserved it eight years ago but was too busy dodging accusations of his wife's drug abuse and siring a black love child to beat Bush. It was the usual promises and pandering but he managed to throw some genuine sincerity in there.
I had the pleasure of watching 2 convention hours with a friend I've probably racked up thousands of phone hours talking about utter nonsense and laughing uproariously. She's an Independent who I don't believe has ever voted Democrat and she'll more than likely cast her vote for McCain. Or abstain this time. I expected the usual "I love her, she's a mom, and McCain loves her after a day of knowing her, give that woman the keys to the White House", but found a voter who is as turned off as I am. Why? Because of Palin. No, not because she hates women, hates kids, working moms, or new governors. Not because she believes the rumors and innuendos, she's barely aware of most of them, been busy moving and raising her own kids. But for one solid, simple, reason that makes this woman my go to girl when I need to hear some honesty. Yea, yea, truth is subjective and changes with the bearer, but at least it's sincere honesty. She's there even when I don't ask for truth, like about my hair, but I won't drag that into this right now. She simply does not know Palin. She understands that speeches and public appearances do little to really help make an informed opinion about a person. Choosing a stranger who'd barely been vetted as VP is not "putting country first". I can't wait until Palen finally makes her first unscripted press conference or interview because even though I know I'm unabashedly soured on her anyway, I just might get to watch it with the phone glued to my ear, the kids interrupting my gales of laughter, my husband shooting me withering glances as he tends to the four year old's nightime demands, and my friend. Thanks, I really needed that.

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