Monday, September 1, 2008


All of us who've blogged about "Babygate" should feel a measure of guilt (well I do anyway) , especially regarding the guilty pleasure, about using the salaciousness of the scandal to pump up an opinion regarding the current VP nominee. It's an irresistible story and the cliched white elephant. However, blaming Obama and his supporters for rumors that started way back in Alaska before the VP announcement is ridiculous. If anything major kudos to him for comparing Bristol with his own mother and trying to protect her from the media. Class act all the way. Could you imagine if one of Obama's or Biden's underage children were trotted out on stage with a baby covering a distended belly? We'd have lame McCain jibes ala his Chelsea and rape jokes. What a wit ! I have to wonder if Bristol wanted to sit this one out and wasn't excused from the family table. One can only hope that when Bristol is/was/will be pregnant she inherited the kind of guts her mother obviously possesses and focuses on what's important, and it's not politics.

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